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5 Tips For Choosing A TanzaniteEngagement Ring

Tanzanite engagement rings are a popular choice aside from the traditional diamond. Tanzanite is elegant, exotic and a pop of color that provides a nice contrast with other jewelry. Tanzanite gemstones are a wonderful way to show your love for that special someone. Here are five tips for choosing a tanzanite engagement ring.

Choosing A Color

tanzanite+rings_29There are a variety of tanzanite colors to choose from. While medium to deep blue is the most prized color of sapphire, pink, yellow and green colors are also possibilities. Pink sapphires are some of the most popular engagement-ring colors. You can’t go wrong with sapphire, and whichever stone color you choose is sure to be a winner.

Choose A Size

Tanzanite size isn’t as important as the sentiment, but you do need to choose what carat size you want your ring to be. They come in every size from very tiny to large gemstones that sparkle and twinkle. A standard tanzanite is typically 6mm.

Choose A Setting 

The setting is important. It completes the entire look for the tanzanite engagement rings. Without a quality setting, your ring won’t be as beautiful or desirable. You can go with inlays or pave. The prongs can be fancy or standard too. A simple band is sometimes the most elegant and special. Tanzanite rings come in so many styles. It can be hard to make a final choice.

Choose A Price Range

Knowing your price range is important. There’s a lot that determines how much an engagement ring costs. Keeping a set price range will help you choose the most beautiful ring for the ideal price. That way you get something special for someone you love, but you also save a bit of money in the process. If you don’t have a budget though, the possibilities are endless. Tanzanite jewelry can be very affordable or very expensive, and it is all up to you.

Think About The Accent Gems

Accent gemstones are common with sapphires. Diamonds are a classic accent that can make any piece stand out and sparkle. Diamond accents can be small or larger, but they always add an extra-special touch to your piece of jewelry. Engagement rings are rare and beautiful, and accent gems can only make the piece even better.


Giving an engagement ring is a big step, and you want to make the right choice. The above tips will help you choose the perfect ring for your special partner.